Projects and things

I’m a pretty busy person between having a job and having a family, but here’s some other things that I either currently or have previously gotten up to.

Uber Politics (2010-2012)

During my university years, I found myself very interested in national and local politics. I joined a political party, and became engaged in my student union seeking to be a change maker. Uber Politics was born out of that interest.

The concept was simple – build a website where a group of people from all ends of the political spectrum were free to submit posts regarding the latest political happenings at the time. Posts were clearly labelled with their authors political leanings in order to provide transparency and healthy discussion was encouraged in the comments.

Covering topics as diverse as the London Riots to the ending of low-cost university tuition, there was always something new to read! Unfortunately the realities of running the website on an effective budget of zero eventually caught up with us and the website closed in 2012.

Betteration (2021-Present)

Betteration is a project that I’ve had on the backburner for a number of years under various different names and hope to start bringing on board clients later this year.

Have you ever seen a business using a really generic email address like My goal is simple – provide low cost branded web and email presence to businesses who are otherwise unable to make it happen themselves.

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